SoundTools Remote End 5 Pin DMX Sniffer/Sender Cable Tester


SoundTools Remote End 5 Pin DMX Sniffer/Sender Cable Tester

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The Sound Tools


DMX Sniffer/Sender instantly tests 5 pin DMX cables in your stage lighting or theatrical control setups. Faulty cables are one of the most common issues in malfunctioning DMX networks, but testing them hasn’t always been easy. The SoundTools


DMX Sniffer/Sender simplifies the cable testing process so you can test your cables where they are in your setup and know instantly if your issue is cable or fixture related. The two-piece tester is ideal for stage techs, lighting professionals, or anyone involved in the installation or maintenance of stage control or theatrical lighting equipment. The SoundTools


DMX Sender is a battery-powered unit that attaches to the female end of a 5 pin DMX cable and sends the proper voltage to test the line. The DMX Sniffer has 3 LEDs that, when attached to the male end of the cable, instantly diagnosis the status of the cable. Three simple LED lights instantly show shorts, opens, and crossed wires in DMX cables, helping you efficiently troubleshoot your 5 pin DMX control cables. Designed to last a lifetime both units are housed in rugged anodized aluminum that will not rust and remain practically indestructible.


  • Know quickly whether it’s the cable or the fixture
  • Portable, compact testers for quick diagnosis of DMX cables
  • High-quality machined aluminum
  • LED readout sticker chart included

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