RDL DS-ECR1L Power On/Off and Level Remote Control – Stainless Steel


RDL DS-ECR1L Power On/Off and Level Remote Control – Stainless Steel

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The D-ECR1L and DS-ECR1L are wall-mounted remote controls providing A/V system power-up and power-down. These controls directly interface with RDL products equipped with green coded RJ45 control jacks, such as the FP-ECC1 Energy Conservation Controller. The D/DS-ECR1L provides a momentary pushbutton for power control and an LED power status indicator. The indicator glows yellow when the associated system power is in the standby mode. Pressing the soft power button toggles the system power on. The indicator glows blue when system power is on. Pressing the button when the power is on returns the system power to standby. If the host controller is set to allow full power-down, holding the button for 3 seconds takes the system out of standby and turns it off. The system remains off until the button is again pushed, placing the system in standby. The D/DS-ECR1L includes a single-turn level control providing 0 to 10 V VCA linear control voltage through the host controller. This control is normally used to adjust the master audio volume of an A/V system. Both remote controls connect with their host controllers through twisted-pair cable terminated in RJ45 connectors. The D-ECR1L features a standard RDL white front panel. The DS-ECR1L is offered in stainless steel with custom lettering available. These finishes match other RDL remote selectors and jack plates for a visually appealing installation of multiple controls.


  • Remote System Power On/Off Control Panel Level Control Provides 0 to 10 Vdc at Controller Pushbutton Toggles Power On and Off/Standby LED Power Indicator Color Indicates Mode Blue LED: Active System Power Yellow LED: Standby (System Power Off) Red LED: Power Off and Auto Power-Up Disabled Flashing Red LED: Emergency Override Direct Control of Modules with RJ45 Power Control Connection to Controller Using Twisted-Pair Wiring Available in Standard RDL White (D-ECR1L) Available in Stainless Steel (DS-ECR1L)

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