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Vaddio In-Ceiling 1/2-Recessed Enclosure: HD-30 HD-22 HD-20SE HD-20 HD-19 HD18

In-Ceiling 1/2-Recessed Enclosure: HD-30 HD-22 HD-20SE HD-20 HD-19 HD18

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Vaddio In-Ceiling ½ Recessed Enclosure is easy to install, partially recessed and inverted, pan/tilt/zoom camera mounting system. Thus, it is highly compatible with the wall view HD-20/HD-19/HD-18. However, the use of a quick-connected SR interface and a quick-connect DVI/HDMI SR interface. The enclosure package includes a recessed, sealed, metal ceiling camera enclosure with white trim ring, one-piece tile support brace, and mounting hardware kit. Thus, the design of the in-ceiling enclosure is ideal for the Vaddio HD-Series PTZ Cameras.
  • Includes tile support brace that ensures a quick and attractive installation
  • Flexible design of the mounting system makes it compatible with ClearVIEW, PowerVIEW, and RoboSHOT series cameras
  • Stylish design and fine finish of the mount makes it blends any decor easily
  • Includes white trim ring that has an active IR receiver and an IR emitter board powered by the 24 VDC Quick connect interfaces, which makes it compatible with the Vaddio IR Remote Commander
  • Hard outer casing and sturdy structure of the mount securely hold the camera in place
  • Constructed with only high-grade materials, the mounting system delivers optimum performance even in harsh outdoor conditions
  • Vaddio In-ceiling enclosure boasts premium quality materials construction and is thus highly durable and reliable
  • Built-in IR receiver on the trim ring and IR emitter circuit board on the inside of the backbox that ensures remote commander operated with the camera
General Information
Manufacturer Vaddio
Manufacturer Part Number 999-2225-050
Manufacturer Website Address
Brand Name Vaddio
Product Name IN-Ceiling Half Recessed Enclosure for HD-Series PTZ Cameras
Product Type Mounting Box
Product Information
Device Supported Network Camera
Physical Characteristics
Color White
Package Contents
  • Metal Back Box
  • White Metal Trim Ring
  • Tile Support Brace
Vaddio Network Cameras:

  • ClearVIEW HD-18
  • ClearVIEW HD-19
  • ClearVIEW HD-19AW
  • ClearVIEW HD-20
  • ClearVIEW HD-20SE
  • ClearVIEW HD-USB
  • PowerVIEW HD-22
  • PowerVIEW HD-22 QDVI
  • PowerVIEW HD-22 QSR
  • PowerVIEW HD-22 QUSB
  • PowerVIEW HD-30
  • PowerVIEW HD-30 QDVI
  • PowerVIEW HD-30 QSR
  • PowerVIEW HD-30 QUSB

Vaddio Network Camera Systems:

  • ClearVIEW HD-20SE AW QSR
  • ClearVIEW HD-20SE QDVI
  • ClearVIEW HD-20SE QSR
  • ClearVIEW HD-20SE QUSB

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs


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