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Rosco 200088000135 V-Hazer Fluid – 4 Liter


Rosco 200088000135 V-Hazer Fluid – 4 Liter

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Rosco Laboratories


is designed for use with Rosco’s V-Hazer, this water-based fluid creates a smooth haze inside performance venues, photographic studios and production soundstages. Due to its water-based composition, V-Hazer Fluid won’t leave behind an oily residue on performers, set pieces or equipment. When used with the Rosco V-Hazer, this fluid will create a steady, reliable haze that will hang in the air for hours to enhance lighting effects.

V-Hazer Fluid was made specifically for the Rosco V-Hazer machine. Modeled on Rosco’s Academy-Awardr winning fog fluid formulation, this water-based haze fluid achieves maximum hang time and optimal particle size without leaving behind dangerous and damaging residue common to oil or glycerin based hazers. The operating temperature, pump pressure, and output nozzle of the V-Hazer have been specifically designed and engineered to aerosolize Rosco V-Hazer Fluid. Do not use any fluids in the V-Hazer other than genuine Rosco V-Hazer Fluid, as they have not been tested for optimal performance and safety considerations. Doing so may damage the machine and will void the warranty.


  • 4-Liters

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