PAG 9930 Paglight 12V 20W Halogen Lamp


PAG 9930 Paglight 12V 20W Halogen Lamp

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9930 Paglight

is a bi-pin tungsten halogen long-life lamp for use with Paglight 12V halogen lamp holders (Standard and PowerMax).

Paglight has a revolutionary patented design which allows a range of professional lighting technologies to be used with one lamp head. Interchangeable tungsten halogen, LED or HMI arc lighting modules plug into the back of the reflector housing. They can be hot-swapped quickly and safely, in a matter of seconds. Paglight is the only broadcast light with this feature, providing you with the correct lighting technology for any professional situation.

Paglight has an output that is soft and even. The lamp head incorporates a spot to flood feature for additional control, a feature not commonly found in camera top-lights. The light is designed to be cool-running at all times and easy to handle and the lamp body has a multi-directional mounting and may be adjusted vertically and horizontally. The desired position can be maintained by a locking lever situated on the side of the light base.

Low-profile, hot-shoe Power Bases enable the Paglight to be easily and quickly mounted to the camera, or removed after shooting. Power Bases are available with either a D-Tap, PP90 or XLR4 connector, and various lead lengths suitable for use with a range of 12V to 14.8V DC power sources. The Power Base features a 1/4″ bush that allows the Paglight to be mounted to the camera using a variety of options.

Paglight can be mounted to the camera using the 1/4” stud adaptor or the camera shoe plate supplied with the light. Paglight is the world’s most versatile camera top light, designed to ensure you will have the correct lighting situation for every professional situation!


  • 12V 20W
  • Size: GY6.35


  • 18 months

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