Rip-Tie CableWrap 1×3 Violet 10 Pack


Rip-Tie CableWrap 1×3 Violet 10 Pack. The Penn Group Electronics.

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The Rip-Tie CableWrap 1×3 Violet 10 Pack is a must-have product for anyone who needs to organize and manage cables and wires. This product is designed for both home and office use, with its convenient and adjustable length and strong, durable construction.

This pack includes 10 reusable, adjustable wraps that are ideal for organizing cables in home and office settings. The wraps are violet in color, and measure 1″ x 3″. The wraps are made from high-quality, durable nylon, and feature a patented locking system that keeps the wraps securely fastened.

The Rip-Tie CableWrap 1×3 Violet 10 Pack is easy to use, and can be adjusted to any length. It’s perfect for organizing cables in the home or office, such as computer cables, printer cables, audio cables, and other electronic wires. It’s also great for organizing extension cords, power cords, and other loose wires.

The wraps are designed to be reusable, and can be easily opened and closed multiple times without losing their integrity. The wraps can be cut to length, so you can customize them to fit any space. They can also be labeled with the included write-on labels, so you can easily identify the cables.

The Rip-Tie CableWrap 1×3 Violet 10 Pack is a great way to keep cables and wires organized and out of sight. It’s perfect for home and office use, and the strong, durable construction ensures that the wraps will last for years to come. With the Rip-Tie CableWrap 1×3 Violet 10 Pack, you can easily and quickly organize and manage your cables and wires, and keep them out of the way.

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